MassageWorks Cochrane Wellness Centre MWC was established in 2016, and is committed to providing Cochrane and it's surrounding communities an integrated and diverse approach to healthcare. Our practitioners focus on the root cause of your condition and we treat our patients as a whole, not as a condition, or disease. Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality treatment, preventative and complimentary healthcare. We pride ourselves in providing long term relief for you, your family members, and the community. 


Maureen de Sosa Kalas, Owner/ RMT, CSMT, NFR (c). 

Maureen has been a Sports Therapist  for 11 years. She is registered with MTAA, and CSMTA. She had her Sports Therapy training in Toronto with the Canadian Sports Massage Therapy, CSMTA-certification. She is experienced in treating various conditions and treated athletes, weekend warriors, and regular people injured from their day to day activities. She is an avid marathon runner, a hiker, and anything outdoorsy. Always on the lookout for adventures.  She always encourage people to be active and seize any adventures they could have while they can. Seize the moment. "I care about patient, and patient care, that's the heart why MassageWorks was created'. I hear so many stories of patients frustrated with not getting an effective care. That has to change".  And why wouldn't you, when you have the means and tools. 

Pamela Moore, RMT

I graduated in 2015 from The Turner Institute of Orthopaedic massage. My passion came from a lifetime of receiving massages. At the age of 21 I had back surgery and massage has been my key to success in staying pain free and very active. My goal is to pass on this amazing modality and keep other’s pain free too. I coach the local youth track/cross country team in Cochrane and still compete myself. I love teaching athletes the benefits of proper care including stretching, exercise and the benefits of massage therapy. Our bodies give to us daily and my strategy is to make sure we give back. I love to continue to learn and have just added reflexology to my practise. I am really excited to be part of Massageworks Cochrane, and look forward to meeting you.

Specialties : Cupping, Reflexology, Indian head massage and TMJ.


Lori Antos Woronuik, RMT

I have been in Cochrane for the past 15 years and practising massage since 2014. I specialize in Swedish Massage Techniques....that's why all my treatments incorporate long and relaxing strokes. Swedish Massage is great for circulation and for relieving tension and stress in the body. I believe even when you are working therapeutically there needs to be an element of relaxation to the treatment. This is how the body heals. I have specialized training in the following: Reflexology, Myofascial Cupping, Therapeutic Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage and Holistic Nutrition, and certification for Orthopaedic Massage.  



At MassageWorks our goal is to help you get back to functional movement by assessing and tailoring a treatment plan that will get you back to activities of daily living and living life to the fullest pain free. Treatment modalities are Sport Massage, Deep Tissue/ Therapeutic Massage, Cupping Massage, Relaxation, Pre-Natal, RAPID Neuro-Fascia Release, and Lymphatic Massage.


MassageWorks Cochrane was created with the goal in mind of helping people get real treatment that works. Real treatment that address the needs of a patient and get results. We assess you and set a treatment plan that will get you the most benefit to a functional muscle health. We offer a free consult or a chat to see if your injury or condition is something we can help with, and if it's not we would be happy to refer you to a appropriate modalities. 

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