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MassageWorks Cochrane Wellness Centre MWCC was established in 2016, and is committed to providing Cochrane and its surrounding communities an integrated and diverse approach to healthcare. Our practitioners focus on the root cause of your condition and we treat our patients as a whole, not as a condition, or disease. Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality treatment, preventative and complimentary healthcare. We pride ourselves in providing long term relief for you, your family members, and the community. 


Maureen de Sosa Kalas, Owner/ RMT, CSMT (c). NFR/ RAPID,  IASTM  

Maureen has been a Sports Therapist  for 16 years. She is registered with MTAA, and CSMTA. She had her Sports Therapy training in Toronto with the Canadian Sports Massage Therapy, CSMTA-certification. She is experienced in treating various conditions and treated athletes, weekend warriors, and regular people injured from their day to day activities. She is an avid marathon runner, a hiker, and anything outdoorsy. Always on the lookout for adventures.  She always encourage people to be active and seize any adventures they could have while they can. Seize the moment. "I care about patient, and patient care, that's the heart why MassageWorks was created'. I hear so many stories of patients frustrated with not getting an effective care. That has to change".  And why wouldn't you, when you have the means and tools. 


Kritchaya was born and raised in Thailand. Kritchaya graduated from Turner Institute of Orthopaedic Massage in 2015, she is a Registered Massage Therapist  specializing in the following modalities; Thai Traditional Massage, Thai Aroma Oil Massage and Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology. She has been described as "small but mighty" by Bill Murray, and repeated requests by celebrity clients Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Ivan Reitman and other actors while shooting the latest Ghost Busters film in Calgary. She is a friendly, caring and positive individual. 

Kritchaya believes that Massage therapy is a powerful way to heal and each treatment is very unique for client to balance body, mind and well being. In her spare time, she loves meditation, sports and traveling around the world". 




Marcela has been a Registered Massage Therapist through Makami College 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program in Calgary, Alberta since 2017.

Helping and listening to people is what Marcela most enjoys doing, for that reason she decided to become a massage therapist and combine her knowledge of body work techniques with the desire to help others and create a treatment plan based on client specific needs, helping them to attain long-term health and well being.

Over the past four years she has been working in a wide variety of health conditions such as,  musculoskeletal injuries, overuse injuries, conditions affecting the head and neck, conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system, stress reduction, relaxation and more.

Marcela specializes in Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Myofascial Cupping,Trigger Point Therapy, Deep and Soft Tissue, Active Release Therapy, Integrative Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Myofascial Release.

In her spare time she enjoys family, cooking and eating, reading, and gardening.


Susan graduated from massage school in 2006 in Freiburg, Germany. Her training included internships in various settings such as a general hospital, oncology and a orthopaedic rehab centre. She then worked in a 5 Star spa in Germany and was a massage therapist for a soccer team before moving across the "big pond".

Susan comes from a family of massage therapists. Her 70+ year old grandma still massages and her mom gives reflexology treatments to friends and family. She truly loves helping people feel their best and enjoys working with people of any age or health concern. She knows that compassionate listening to your needs is of most importance, to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve. Her massages have been described as a perfect mix of a therapeutic and relaxation treatment. She is in good standing with the CMMOTA and can accept all insurance companies.

She spends her free time being active and loves practicing and competing in Taekwon-do. She also enjoys Kickboxing, hiking, stretching, running, lifting weights and reading. She lives in beautiful Cochrane with her two kids, husband, two dogs, cat, birds, fish and mouse. 


Remy completed his 3000 hr Massage Therapy training at MaKami College in 2017. Cupping, myofascial release, hot rocks, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and assisted stretching are some of the modalities he utilizes to create a relaxing and effective massage.
Remy uses Swedish relaxation techniques to gently warm and prepare the tissues for deeper work. This approach facilitates a deeper release with less discomfort during and after the treatment. He looks forward to deepening his knowledge of orthopaedic assessments and TMJ treatment in the coming months.

His passion for the body and how it moves has led him into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When not working, you can expect to find Remy reading, or surrounded by his large family. He is a favourite uncle to his 5 nephews and 4 nieces. 


Devan Ridsdale graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2009. Devan is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Devan has completed both parts of the Continued Competency Exam required by insurance companies and has also taken the first level of Craniosacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute.

Devan specializes in whiplash cases, postural dysfunction and sports related injuries. She offers a customized treatment plan and is able to give stretches and strengthening exercises when needed. Devan believes that there are many roads to recovery and maintenance and loves provide her patients with exceptional health care journey.

When Devan can’t be found in the clinic she is likely outdoors seeking new adventures with her son. You can typically find her longboarding the paths along the Bow River, hiking in Kananaskis Country or snowboarding in the Rockies. She also enjoys taking long road trips and camping under the stars.


Dallas graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy with her 2200 hour diploma in January 2022. She is an active member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).
Dallas became a massage therapist because in her younger years she was in multiple car accidents and suffered from whiplash injuries. She recieved treatments from a massage therapist which help relieved the pain and discomfort and help her regain greater mobility. 
Dallas is trained in swedish/relaxation massage, therapeutic massage and myofasical release. She uses a light to moderate pressure, and tailors her treatments to her clients’ needs. Dallas is interested in continual learning, and plans to become certified in cupping and hot stone in the near future. 
In her spare time, she enjoys travelling to the USA for music festivals with friends.”


I just recently graduated from the Alberta College Massage Therapy in Calgary. I have been in Alberta for the past 11 years and in Cochrane for 3 years now. I chose massage therapy for a career because I always loved helping people and finding a way to increase general wellness for the body and mind. I have a specialization in relaxation massage and recently with myofascial cupping. I love learning and will be continuing to learn new techniques to improve and assist each client.


Nestor has been a Registered Massage Therapist for the past 5 years. He is registered with CRMTA with good standing and graduated in 2018 with 3000-hrs Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy in Calgary.  He specializes in Therapeutic, Relaxation, and Deep Tissue Massage, focusing on tailoring massage based on clients' needs.  Nestor loves basketball and weight training and is enjoying Cochrane so far with his wife and 3 girls. 


Alanna's motto: "Compassionate and effective treatment for renewal, health and connection" truly describes her practice. She is excellent at connecting with people and helping them attain renewed health and real relaxation.

Massage has been a big part of Alanna’s health journey and she believes it can allow us all to connect with ourselves, stay active and find some moments of peace.

Alanna specializes in using massage to help clients manage stress, overwhelm, headaches, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. (PTSD and CPTSD will be added as she receives further training in trauma awareness.) Alanna believes in using many tools to manage our mental health, including psychotherapy, meds, nutrition, and stress reduction. Massage alone is not the answer but can be a very powerful part of your management strategy.

Alanna has a thorough understanding of movement, injury and healing from her Kinesiology degree and Wilderness First Aid background, as well as her massage practice. She uses a blend of slow-paced relaxation techniques mixed in with therapeutic work, stretching, myofascial release and massage cupping to help her clients build a strong mind-body connection. Her goal is to get you moving more freely and with less pain.

Alanna is a graduate of Vicars School of Massage Therapy (2200 hrs diploma), the University of Calgary (BKin) and is an Advanced Wilderness First Aid instructor. 


Elliott is a graduate of the Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary with a 2200hr diploma, and a member in good standing with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta, having previously served as a police officer for over 30 years both in the UK and in Calgary.

He is fitness orientated, and has completed events such as the London Marathon, the swim from Alcatraz in San Francisco, and both half and full distance Ironman.Triathlons, and recognizes the importance of massage therapy as an integral part of any sporting success.

Elliott is also a great believer that a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand, and can utilize a mixture of Swedish massage, myofascial release, Deep tissue work, stretches and Trigger point therapy to help improve your overall wellness, whether those needs are just relaxation, a therapeutic issue or sporting injury.


Shana is a Massage Therapy student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, and is expected to graduate in December 2022. After receiving her first massage following a car accident in 2015, she saw the benefits of how massage can increase ones range of motion and quality of life. She then took an interest in human anatomy classes in university while initially pursuing a science degree, but eventually transferred to a Massage Therapy diploma and found a greater passion through this program. She saw what massage was able to do for her, and hopes to be able to do the same for others as well. She looks forward to all the new skills she’ll develop as she begins her new career as an RMT, and how she’ll be able to make a difference in people’s lives moving forward.

Shana was born and raised in Calgary, but her family is from the Philippines. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching horror movies, crocheting, hiking, staying active, and solving puzzles.



Dr. Curtis Turner graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in June of 2017. He is a hardworking, personable and passionate chiropractor, whose goal is to help his patients live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Dr. Turner’s focus is preventative care. After a long, injury-burdened career in competitive soccer, Dr. Turner learned the importance of preventative medicine. This is a concept that he reinforces to his patients through an active care model. Dr. Turner has developed knowledge and skills to help treat and care for patients of all demographics to help them better understand and achieve what it means to live a healthy life. 

Dr. Turner takes an individualized approach to optimize the care of each patient, as patient- centred care is the cornerstone of a successful treatment.

Dr. Curtis Turner is certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture with the option of electro stimulation and also uses the following techniques.
Manual adjustments, soft tissue release, Graston, & orthotic scanning  (activator on request).


My goal as a chiropractor and health mentor is to provide you with education and encouragement on your journey to movement. It is my ultimate goal to get you ACTIVE and FUNCTIONAL.

The scope of musculoskeletal practice is broad: jaw pain, headaches, spinal pain, body asymmetries, rotator cuff injuries, knee/hand/wrist/ /foot and ankle injuries, running and gait assessment, breath work, strength and mobility guidance, I can help with it all, and that’s why a patient’s goals are always of paramount importance with every individualized treatment offered.

An adjustment is just one tool (one input) of so many options we have as manual practitioners to aid your body in recovery and optimal performance.

I grew up as an elite athlete, and appreciate the unfailing dedication, work ethic, time management, and passion that it takes to continue in a chosen sport or fine art. I hope to give back to the athletic and fine arts community with my ever growing and expanding expertise in the musculoskeletal system, injury prevention and management, and rehabilitation

My other passions as a Chiropractor is pregnancy care. Cochrane has so many new young families that require a solid team of health practitioners to promote a comfortable, caring, and knowledgeable space for unanswered questions and health support. My goal is to safely and effectively prepare a woman’s musculoskeletal system for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and to be a continued base of knowledge and support throughout a woman’s pregnancy and postpartum journey.

I enjoy a multitude of indoor and outdoor athletics, including in the areas of triathlon and trail running.

Dr. Brianna Busch, DC
FRC Certified
(Functional Range Conditioning)





At MassageWorks our goal is to help you get back to functional movement by assessing and tailoring a treatment plan that will get you back to activities of daily living and living life to the fullest pain free. Treatment modalities are Sport Massage, Deep Tissue/ Therapeutic Massage, Cupping Massage, Relaxation, Pre-Natal, RAPID Neuro-Fascia Release, and Lymphatic Massage.


MassageWorks Cochrane was created with the goal in mind of helping people get real treatment that works. Real treatment that address the needs of a patient and get results. We assess you and set a treatment plan that will get you the most benefit to a functional muscle health. We offer a free consult or a chat to see if your injury or condition is something we can help with, and if it's not we would be happy to refer you to a appropriate modalities. 

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